Stonework and Concrete

Providing top notch custom work at an affordable price.

Our stonework and concrete services will visually enhance your home while providing the functionality you need. We have years of experience making sure that our customer’s homes are perfectly accented with the patio or walkway of their dreams. Designing visually stunning patios and/or walkways that are easy to maintain and safe in rough weather is a top priority for 4B Landscape & Construction, Inc. Whether it’s summer downpours or winter snow storms, our stone and concrete projects will make sure you get safely into your home for years to come. Don’t forget to combine your stonework and concrete additions with 4B’s landscaping services for increased beauty and functionality around your home. 4B Landscape & Construction, Inc. also provides a variety of other custom stonework and concrete services. They include driveway extensions and aprons, sitting walls, steps, stairs, and retaining walls. Providing custom offerings and finding unique solutions for your concrete or stonework needs is what 4B excels at and we can wait to show you!

Existing Stone or Concrete Repair Services.

In addition to our creation and custom offerings, our repair work is top notch. Already have stone or concrete work but needs some repair work to bring it back to it’s former glory? Our creation and custom offerings and repairs are top notch. 4B can not only repair the look you already love, but improve it’s quality so it can be enjoyed far into the future!





We can’t wait to build something great with you.